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tv   Fox Report Saturday  FOX News  April 29, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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i get to hang out with eric shawn at 12 noon tomorrow. eric: for the presence rally in harrisburg marking his 100th day in office. julie: president trump set to take the stage minutes from now in pennsylvania as he within a world -- whirlwind 100 days in office but angelie banderas and this is "the fox report." a rally in harrisburg, do not forget pennsylvania played a key role in the presence victory. no republican has won their since george h.w. bush back in 1988. in fact president obama carried it by more than five percentage points in 2012. this morning president trump tweeting, and i will quote, looking forward to rally in the great state of pennsylvania tonight at 7:30.
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a big crowd, big energy but as the president prepares critics are taking aim at his record so far. plenty of executive orders that no major legislation no obamacare replacement the former campaign manager cory lewandowski defending the commander-in-chief saying he doesn't get enough credit. >> time and time and time again the president executed on the promises of his campaign paid on top of all of that in the first month alone he brought back 300,000 jobs. economy continues to boom because of the president's policies. julie: no coincidence tonight is also the white house correspondents dinner tradition dating back roughly 100 years and well president trump's the first president to elect to miss it since president reagan back in 1981. kevin set the scene scene for say they will and have you seen many protesters in the crowd? i hear a lot of cheers.
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>> you to hear lots of cheers. this place is about three-quarters full and as you can well imagine there's than a smattering of protesters but outside and even inside it clearly they are dwarfed by the thousands here in attendance for the big rally tonight to say thank you to the president and for the president to say thank you to them. either way i should point out we have had a chance to chat with many folks on getting here as early as 4:30 this morning. officials expect an overflow crowd that could top 10,000. the president as you pointed out will make business during his trip and pennsylvania signing an executive order that would direct his congress department u.s. trade represent two reforma conference of study on the nation's trade agreement, a very important bit of executive order legislation they are. all the more important when you consider the many promises the president made before coming into office. he said we are going to level
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the playing field and that is just the latest toward that goal. julie: tell us more about what we can expect hear from the president tonight. >> you know i could point you to assign but i'm going to tell you basically what it says. promises made and promises kept. the president is going to talk about his achievements but is also going to say listen the future of this country is in great hands and the great hands of great people, talking about you and me the voters. you are right this is happening on a night when washington celebrates the correspondents' dinner but the president wants the folks to know how important they were and how instrumental they weren't getting him elected to office. he is not forgotten them and that's the main focus your tonight and not just to say thanks to them but to say thanks across america. he is set to speak at 7:30. if you look on me you can see we are about three-quarters full right now. that's a little bit more than we
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have 30 minutes ago. we expect a standing room only clout -- crowd at 7:30. we will bring you back them. julie: let me ask you regarding legislation, no major legislation passed however and executive order pass. in an interview you've been covering between the president and martha maccallum he was very clear to sort of hear the negative into a positive and remind those who may not understand that while the major legislation has been passed he has passed 28 legislative bills so that number could grow to 32. maybe talk to us a little bit more about what he has accomplished to perhaps those naysayers. >> listen, it's so easy to take potshots. it's very easy to be critical but you know washington, getting legislation through the house, through the senate and to his desk even with the republican
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majority is not an easy feat so what the president has been able to do is very important things. first of all he's been making path about some of things want to undo by the obama to straighten and that's the crux of the executive orders that we have seen. the second thing that's also important in advancing his agenda he is to take a closer look, review and study some of the existing rules and regulations in washington. he talked about deregulation. he's got to look carefully and figure out how to strategically move those forward and away that's official to the american people. he has done that it would expect he will do a lot more of that in the days and months and years ahead. julie: kevin corke thank you very much and we will come back to you as soon as the president speaks but certainly the crowd is getting pretty antsy to hear president trump speak there in pennsylvania. meantime president trump in congress nearly averted a government shutdown this week so what about congress in these first 100 days?
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garrett tenney has more. >> julie when it comes to working with congress president trump in his first 100 days of office is a lot different than the war room and getting the things done. it's a slower process than he was expecting to an example is the stopgap spending bill the president signed last night to prevent a government shutdown at midnight. congress has a week to try to negotiate a more long-term budget deal which will not include funding for the presence border wall and with that those sites are saying they are close to reaching a deal. >> i believe the committee is very close. the intention of the committee to get to an agreement. i hope to get to an agreement as early as today. knowing that we do want to provide to the members just three days of a can read through the entire bill and we can vote on this before the end of the short-term cr. snacks separately republican leadership is still working to build support within their own to root pass or repeal and
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replace bill for obamacare while they appear to be making progress democrats are continuing to fight back. >> how many more times do they have to fail before they realize our path is the right path, the best path and probably the only path? we of course want to work with our republican colleagues. we don't think ac is perfect. we are willing to make changes but they have to do two things, get off her peel and stop undermining the aca, herding people so they can achieve a political point. >> despite the slow pace a major piece of legislation the white house is that nothing of the confirmation of neil gorsuch to the supreme court is a crowning achievement and one that will have the biggest impact on the country for years to come. julie: eric -- garrett tenney thank you. president trump facing several challenges on that front including north korea. the country firing off yet another ballistic missile surely after launch failing.
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it's possible it was not a failed launch. that is not being confirmed. meantime president trump taking to twitter which really irritates pyongyang treating this north koreas disrespected the wishes of china and is highly respected president when it launched though unsuccessfully a missile today. dad. a member of the house foreign affairs committee saying this is the opportunity to get china more involved. >> this is where you make a call to china and you say hey look this is what we are talking about. this is going to continue. every test the north korea does they learn from their failures so they can fix whatever her wrong so whatever goes wrong they can fix that at the next test. julie: katie logan has more from our london bureau. >> i'm actually pretty missile broke a few minutes after the loss puts the third time this month the north korean missile test is failed. it was a medium rain holistic missile fired in north easterly
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direction. north korea's continually try to test these missiles. this latest launch has drawn widespread international condemnation. it came only hours after a u.n. security meeting discussed the threat from north korea. speaking at the meeting as secretary of state rex tillerson warned of quote catastrophic consequences if the north korean leadership continued its ballistic missile program. amid tension and the u.s. said carl vinson supercarrier in the region sent exercises to south korean navy. the u.s. and south korea are tracking and intercept thing -- my three. north korea has criticized this joint exercise calling it an intrusion. it says it increases the chance of a military confrontation. north korea remains defiant despite international pressure
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and sanctions. the fear now is that it may continue to develop its missile technology to reach as far as the west coast. julie: katie logan thank thank you. the trump administration right now facing several challenges abroad. we are going to take a look at the middle east plus right now we are awaiting president trump to take the stage in a minute now at a rally marking his first 100 days in office since his election and him becoming president. we will have more, next aleve with direct therapy tens device, a relief from lower back pain. that's good, cause i need it. i put it on my back. ok, this is interesting. there we go. there's the little tingle. i feel this electrical pulse grabbing at my muscles. level 3. 5. i'm pleasantly surprised. it was more powerful than i was expecting it to be. it worked. what can i say? i believe aleve. learn more and read reviews at
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julie: we are waiting president trump to take the stage in a minute now as cameras are focusing on the podium in harrisburg, pennsylvania at a rally there. as the president marks his first , 100 days in office. his america first campaign platform he has chosen to skip the white house correspondents'
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dinner, not done since president reagan in 1981. instead he wants to brief supporters who very much helped him get into the white house in the state of pennsylvania which has not elected a president since 1988. certainly history in the making in pennsylvania as the president gives thanks to supporters. he is faced plenty of challenges on the international front. john huddy joins us now with more on international reactions. >> julie middle east has been keeping close tabs on president trump's first 100 days in office. while there hasn't been any specific reaction or report cards given out if you will hear in israel prime minister benjamin netanyahu has been and remains a strong proponent of the president both sharing common views on issues including iran and the threat of isis. president trump has weighed in
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on a number of contentious issues in the region. among them israeli settlements in east jerusalem and the west bank. president trump supported the construction of an earlier this year backed off from that position caution and israeli leaders instead about more development. the president has also said he supports efforts between israel and the palestinians. in an earlier interview with reuters president trump said quote there's no reason there is not peace between israel and the palestinians, none whatsoever. president trump's is suspect did did -- expected to meet with president netanyahu. he among the question some are asking but the president declared jerusalem to be the capital of israel during his visit and approve the u.s. embassies moved to jerusalem a move many fear could spark more violence or even another war. that said palestinian president mahmoud abbas scheduled to meet with president trump next week in washington i think it's safe
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to say the topics will most likely be on the agenda. julie: john huddy think you could route continuing to look back at president trump's first 100 days but what about the men and women surrounding the president. all of this administration, how have they done? >> we have attained the likes of which has never ever been assembled. julie: plus we are awaiting president trump as he marks this big day with a rally in harrisburg pennsylvania. any minute now the president will be stepping up to the podium where he has thousands of supporters waiting eagerly to hear his speech. we are going to bring it to you live right here on "the fox report" as soon as it begins. when did anyone start calling this salad?
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julie: the symbolic 100 day milestone turning to focus on president trump's white house achievement. the president had to overcome the persistence to install cabinet picks and also faced a historically low and slow processor naming people to non-cabinet post to achieve washington correspondent takes a closer look. >> donald trump's first choice for the team he made six months before inauguration day and it was by many accounts his. >> the want to thank you vice president pence for your wonderful introduction but maybe more importantly for your incredible service to our country. you have done an incredible job. >> across the first 100 days vice president mike pence has served multiple roles in the trump white house as a bridge to republicans in the service it he
4:21 pm
player in judicial nominations like supreme court justice neil gorsuch. >> the sword stands ready. >> and europe and asia to allies overseas. >> vice president mike pence is probably his greatest asset and that it'd certainly be engaged at every level. in an interview with "fox news" the only member of the trump team who cannot be fired because the space of the prison nearly everyday. to be around president trump is to be around someone who is constantly generating ideas and tasks and giving direction. >> this is washington's favorite parlor game, who's up, who's down, who's in and who's out? reports continue to swirl about chief ben and feuding with the presence of upper the trump presidency has been written with dissension around the mercurial chief executive.
4:22 pm
>> we know from the campaign three campaign managers. you come and you go and the people who are wise about him realize they may be here now but maybe not tomorrow. >> i was certainly the case for general michael flynn the former head of the defense intelligence agency who served only 24 days as whiser before being fired for having allegedly misled vice president tends about the substance of flint's flynn's discussions with the russian ambassador. >> mike flynn is a fine person and i asked for his resignation. he respectfully gave it. flynn was preceded by a termite master decorated commander in iraq and afghanistan and also the author of dereliction of duty and archival study of dysfunction on the national security council during the vietnam war. shortly after president trump thwarted his military action for 20 days targeting a syrian airbase from which chemical weapons attack had been launched
4:23 pm
days earlier but master told dachshund is the national security team was now so well-integrated conducting the strike while china's president was visiting mar-a-lago pose no expensive system. >> nobody broke as whatever. members of a team that sometimes sung from different songbooks in a time when u.n. ambassador nikki haley was predicting regime change in syria secretary of state rex tillerson was saying the syrian people would decide the fate of boshar assad and charlie after two was inserted by the eye round is complying with the nuclear tilt of the press secretary suggests otherwise. >> that's why he's asking. if he didn't he thought it would have been fine. >> i think we are setting a record or close to record, the numbers are crazy. >> as of midnight monday according to figures released by the partnership for public service nearly 1100 political
4:24 pm
appointees for senate confirmation president trump nominated only 58 and secured confirmation for like 25. his immediate predecessor barack obama by this point it nominated more than three times as many appointees and secured confirmation for more than twice as many as mr. trump has been some analysts even new chief executive adjusting slowly to the transition from the private sector. >> there's no corroborating evidence to suggest there's dysfunction the white house and i'm frankly concerned about it. you have to remember the present ran a campaign with streamlined staff but this is an enormous undertaking previous federal government has a budget that is 12 times as large as the largest organizations they can't really run as a person thinks he can. reviewed by the associate press on friday president trump said he thinks his white house team doesn't get the respect it deserves. white house chief of staff reince priebus who many believe has after rough start imposed order in the process and the
4:25 pm
supreme court calendars insured neil gorsuch as an ascension to the court. julie: we are waiting president trump at his rally in harrisburg pennsylvania. we will bring you his remarks live as a 100 days in the oval office. the president is expected to speak in five minutes from now. we will carry it for you live. and take it from me, every step counts. a bayer aspirin regimen is one of those steps in helping prevent another stroke. be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. when this guy got a flat tire in the middle of the night, so he got home safe. yeah, my dad says our insurance doesn't have that. what?! you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance.
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thune julie banderas and this is "the fox report." time for the top of the news and another u.s. servicemember in iraq has died. happened outside of mosul. this is the third american combat death. attorney general jeff sessions vowing to crackdown on the ms-13 games by targeting illegal immigration. the violent group has roots in el salvador but they are linked to more than a dozen murders in new york since last year. we are just minutes away from president trump's comments at a rally in pennsylvania as he celebrates his 100 days in office today. he is said to take the stage in harrisburg virginia, pennsylvania rather any minute now. he's marking the 100th day as commander-in-chief. vice president mike pence is expected to announce him. the hand of the left-hand side is the photographer trying to adjust the shot because of
4:30 pm
course all eyes and all cameras around the country around the world are going to be watching this. ironically it falls on the night of the white house correspondents' dinner a big evening between journalists and the president but the president has chosen to stick this one out and i just want to sit here and watch with the photographers doing with that camera. nonetheless it will be very exciting. the president was asked before heading off to this rally about what he plans on talking about. he was also asked about the white house correspondents' dinner and he said i hope they have found that this rally is going to be a lot more fun. kevin corke is live at the rally. and the president just signed an executive order. what can you tell us about that and why he wanted to unveil it in of all places pennsylvania? >> that's a terrific question. couple things i think people find very valuable. number one pennsylvania not only is a strong manufacturing sector , the also an important energy stated what the president really wants to do is make sure
4:31 pm
the people not just here but all over the country understand that this particular executive order will once again look at the. imbalance that the united states faces in competition all over the globe. if you are a voter in pennsylvania for example you want to know if you are on equal footing with canada or some other country that's what the world trade organization pretty wants to unveil -- this state is reliant not just on energy jobs that also jobs in manufacturing that i should also point out the commerce secretary wilbur ross is a fan of the president imagine vice president mike pence as we get ready for the rally and the president is expected to be speaking any moment now. julie: gemeasky by the way earlier today understand a reporter had apparently asked the president his reaction not only on north korea because he tweeted about it today but they asked what is the next staff?
4:32 pm
what are we going to do, something to that effect in the present study will have to wait to find out. what did that conversation mean? >> it's a little bit new wants. whatever the president makes a comment in particular is released to pyongyang and its continued thumbing his nose at the international community he has to be careful. the response i don't want to read too much into it nor should i think people should overreact to it the presence of the forwards as we are going to study what they do. you will have to wait and see. remember he is said on a number of the occasions that i won't telegraph to you or an amorese amorese -- enemies alive policies are going to be so he throws something out there even if his off-the-cuff understand it's measured for reason jolie. julie: you know there is no coincidence here. the president is going to be speaking at around the time the white house correspondents' dinner's going to be hell. the president is chosen to decline this major event.
4:33 pm
george h.w. bush in fact was the last one -- reagan i apologize, 1981. when he says i hope you all have a great time it's obviously tongue-in-cheek there but he did say he told a reporter earlier today saying this is going to be way more fun than that. he certainly sending a clear message i think. >> no question. a couple of messages. first of all it's be candid you and i know this and maybe folks on "fox news" are aware of this, i think this is a real reflection of the way the white house felt that they were treated throughout the campaign and in particular by some of the bigger players. some of them are white house reporters but more broadly they spoke to me off the record and even on the record that he was brought to washington to do something different, to be bold and to be different so he's not going to go this year.
4:34 pm
i don't necessarily find that though there is to it. i think he's thumbing his nose at the white house press corps. he has said he will go next year. we'll take him at his word and that's subject to change as you know this president that could happen at any moment. spare to say while he supports the aim of the dinner itself. the scholarship dinner. i do think he's making a very clear message to the white house press corps and to the media and general that he's watching and looking carefully how he feels like it's been treated. julie: we should let our viewers now i just got word that the president has arrived on site which means only moments until he takes the stage. we mentioned vice president mike pence will be introducing improved to the vice president person would hear from president trump. this is the post to happen about 7:30 so roughly on time a few minutes give or take. what is a cabin about rallies like the one we are seeing tonight that drives this president and specifically his
4:35 pm
message? >> that's a great question. i think it's really a way to talk right to the people. in a way it cuts through the noise if you will. he understands that having a rally like this he's reflecting the concerns, the feelings and frankly he's communicating directly to the people that feel like nfl for quite some time they've been simply overlooked by washington specifically and maybe in particular some occupants of the white house itself. these are americans who feel like for the first time in a long time they are being listened to, they are being paid attention to and this is what this is all about. that's what white house officials will tell you. also to be honest he takes a lot of slings and arrows throughout the week and some of it deservedly so but i think he also feels like sometimes he needs that burst of energy in a
4:36 pm
crowd like this. he wants to be out there with the people and to hear the music. i think he's about to come into the room. maybe the vice president as they hear the crowd cheering and looking over my shoulder. i think that's what's behind rallies like this and by the way julie you are going to see a lot of rallies like this over the next several years because i think he believes it's an important way to cut through the noise and bypass the media and talk directly to the american people. >> i think this song is stirring up the crowd as well because who can't get excited when you hear my way by frank sinatra. that's indicative of how this president has run his administration so far has conducted his past 100 days, very unlike past presidents. maybe that is why he has gained many critics. he doesn't do it like other presidents have. let me ask you row quick you say there are how many roughly in
4:37 pm
this crowd? >> we were told the building holds around 11,000. right now as i look around and maybe craig if he wouldn't mind maybe panning off enjoying the viewers at home. i would say we are about 90% capacity. i would also say this even in a capacity crowd of 10 or 11,000 or more which would not usually the be the case, it's jampacked. you see the great america -- make america great again hats. people are making their way in. i'm expecting about 11,000 people here tonight to celebrate 100 days. julie: how do you get into rally like this? do you have to buy a ticket or is it first-come first-served? >> fare there are tickets that can be purchased and that's an interesting question as well because understand this is put on by his re-election committee.
4:38 pm
without getting too much in the weeds of clinical finance and the rules let's just understand this. if you give your money to this you are helping the president reelect his brand. as they hear them now begin to welcome the vice president i will just say this in closing, this is all part of 2020. here we go. julie: let's go to vice president mike pence as he takes the stage in harrisburg, pennsylvania. i keep saying harrisburg virginia. i used to work there. harrisburg pennsylvania raiders might pence. he's about to address the crowd and we are confirmed dead president trump's in the building folks. they're about to mark the 100th day with this huge celebration. thousands of people here at this rally as they report hearing the president speak to a state that got them are elected. this is the state of pennsylvania. this is a blue state where
4:39 pm
republican hasn't been elected since 1988. let's listen to vice president pence. >> hello pennsylvania! [applause] it is great to be back, just 100 days after the man that you supported became president of the united states of america, president donald trump. [cheers and applause] and you know, if 100 days has shown us anything it's that president donald trump is a man of his word and he is a man of action. [cheers and applause] for 100 days president trump has been keeping the promises he has made to you and every american. he has been 100 days in action,
4:40 pm
100 days of consequence in 100 days that will be remembered as the days we began to make america great again. [applause] you know, president trump's tireless leadership really inspires me every single day. while left-wing activists and their willing allies in the media --ing] while they have been ignoring the facts and spreading that fake news, the american people know the truth. the truth is president trump has been relentlessly delivering on the promises he made to the american people and america is back.
4:41 pm
[applause] you know since even before president trump took office he's been fighting for american jobs and american workers. for the past 100 days president trump has been slashing red tape. he has signed more bills cutting job-killing regulations than any president in american history. [applause] you prove the keystone and akoto pipelines, opened up offshore drilling. he has put america back on a path to energy independence and under president donald trump the war on kole is over. [cheers and applause]
4:42 pm
and just this past week president trump laid out a plan for one of the's tax cuts and american history. we are going to cut taxes across-the-board for working families small businesses and family farms. just a few minutes ago the president took another step to make sure that trade deals benefits american workers first. folks, that's american leadership for the american people. [applause] [chanting] usa. usa. usa. make no mistake about it, president trump will not rest, will not relent until we repeal and replace obamacare and give
4:43 pm
the american world-class health care they deserve. [applause] the result of all this, more than 500,000 good jobs have been created since january 1 of this year. [applause] president trump's vision to buy american and higher american is catching on across the country. company after company earned investing record investments in american workers pretend to thousands of jobs. ford motor company ceo says a vote of confidence and president trump's vision for america. [applause] the american people and our nation's small businesses haven't been as confident in a decade in manufactures, the beating heart of pennsylvania
4:44 pm
and the heartland of america are more optimistic today than at any point in the last 20 years. [applause] across-the-board our new president is doing exactly what he said he would do. he's driving all of them a little bit crazy. [applause] in his first 100 days president trump has signed more legislation and executive orders than any president in more than 50 years. [cheers and applause] and he is picked a world-class cabinet, hasn't he? men and women working everyday to make this country great and strong like secretary carson and ambassador nikki haley and our secretary of defense jim mad dog mattis. [cheers and applause]
4:45 pm
and president trump listed by the god-given liberties of our constitution without apology. the sanctity of life and the right to keep and bear arms in the 2nd amendment of the constitution. [cheers and applause] and he nominated to the supreme court in justice neil gorsuch is conservative pierced in the tradition of the lading great justice antonin scalia and the american people couldn't be more proud. [applause] most important of all, president donald trump listed by those who defend our families and our freedom at home and abroad to the first 100 days president trump has kept his word to stand by the men and women in law enforcement to secure our borders and remove dangerous criminals, illegal immigrants from our streets. [applause]
4:46 pm
[chanting] build that wall. build that wall. >> and you know, thanks to president trump's tough immigration policies illegal immigration is already down more than 60% this year alone. [applause] and as commander-in-chief president donald trump is rebuilding our military, restoring the arsenal of democracy and president trump is fighting every day to give our soldiers, sailors airmen and marines and coast guard the resources and training they need to accomplish their mission, to protect our nation and come home safe. [applause] the president has actually propose one of the biggest increases to defense spending since the days of president ronald reagan.
4:47 pm
and president trump is taking decisive action to support those who wear the uniform and working everyday to make sure the veterans of our armed forces have the benefits they have earned including world class health care. [applause] president trump will make the strongest fighting force in the world even stronger. and with renewed american strength president trump is standing with our allies and standing up to our enemies. he has put iran on notice. he is standing strong in the face of threats from the regime in north korea. and when the world saw our president strength and resolve in the actions he took in syria and afghanistan, the credibility of american power was restored.
4:48 pm
[applause] thanks to president donald trump isis is on the run in iraq, in syria, and afghanistan and we will not rest until we destroy isis once and for all. [chanting] usa, usa, usa. >> in just 100 days, president trump has turned america around and he is just getting started. [applause] under president trump's leadership we will make america safe again. under president trump's leadership we will make america prosperous again. and under president trump's leadership i know in my heart with your help and with god's help, we will make america great
4:49 pm
again. [cheers and applause] so with gratitude for his boundless energy, his optimism and the love he shows every day for this country and the american people for these last 100 days and beyond it is my high honor and distinct privilege to introduce to you the president of the united states of america, president donald trump. [cheers and applause] ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
4:50 pm
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
4:51 pm
♪ ♪ >> thank you. [cheers and applause] [chanting] usa. usa. usa. >> thank you ladies and gentlemen. it is truly great to be back and the wonderful, beautiful state of pennsylvania. [applause] i love this state and i love the
4:52 pm
people of this state. it's special and it carried us to a big view the full victory on november 8. [applause] i want to recognize some of our friends that have helped us so much. congressman's.perry. a couple of my originals, mike kelly who i watch on television. where is mike kelly? where is mike kelly? he is here someplace. where is he? boy were you great on television this morning, and of course one of our other originals congressman tom moreno. [applause] thank you, thank you mike, thank you tom. as you may know there is another
4:53 pm
big gathering taking place tonight in washington d.c.. did you hear about it? [booing] a large group of hollywood at jars and washington media are consoling each other in a hotel ballroom in her nation's capital right now. [applause] they are gathered together for the white house correspondents' dinner without the president. [applause] and i could not possibly the more thrilled than to be more
4:54 pm
than 100 miles away from washington, spending my evening with all of you and with a much, much larger crowd and much better people, right? [applause] [chanting] usa. usa. usa. >> and look at the media back there. they would actually rather be here, i have to tell you.
4:55 pm
that's right. [chanting] media outlets like "cnn" and "msnbc" are fake news. fake news. and they are sitting, and they are wishing in washington. they are watching right now, they are watching and they would love to be with us right here tonight. [applause] but they are trapped at the dinner which will be very very boring, but next year maybe we
4:56 pm
will make it more exciting for them and washington will show up but we have a good show -- a good chance of showing up here next year. [cheers and applause] the truth is there is no place i'd rather be than right here in pennsylvania to celebrate. [cheers and applause] are 100 day milestone to reflect on an incredible journey together and to get ready for the great, great battles to come and that we will win in every case. we will win. [cheers and applause] because make no mistake, we are just beginning in our fight to make america great again.
4:57 pm
[applause] now before we talk about my first 100 days which has been very exciting and very if, let's rate the media's 100 days. should we do that? because as you know, they are a disgrace. according to a morning consult all more than half of americans say the media is out of touch with everyday americans. according to media research center's, 89% of the media's coverage of our demonstrations has been negative them purposely negative and perhaps that's
4:58 pm
because according to the center for public integrity >> according to a new poll with the aassociated press, only 6% of americans have confidence in
4:59 pm
congress. but i'll give you an example of something incredible. that's all right. get them out of here. get them out. [crowd chants "usa"] thank you. thank you.
5:00 pm
do we love our law enforcement or what? we broke the all-time record for this arena. how old is this arena? we broke the all-time record and i don't have a guitar. just as an example of media, take the totally failing "new york times." pretty soon they will only be on the internet. the paper is getting smaller and smaller. it's starting to look like a comic book. but i will tell you because i watched and i used to be in a real estate business. they sold their beautiful "new york times" building in manhattan, a cathedral to journalism. for $130 million. a group that bodies later


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